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Competitive Masters

CRF Competitive Masters

CRF offers a nationally ranked, nationally competitive team with some of the best coaching in the Midwest. 

The team includes male and female athletes, whose ages range from 22 years to over 60 years with rowing experience spanning a couple years to decades.

Competitive Masters are accepted on the team at the start of each season subject to coach approval. For Adult Rowers, CRF offers a variety year-round recreational programs like Learn-to-Row, Drop-in Sessions, and Recreational Teams. Please visit those pages to find the right program for you.

Practices are geared to train athletes to get faster, stronger and ready to participate in competitive national masters’ regattas.  Fees include 3 training sessions per week plus entrance fee and equipment for one race per CRF sanctioned regatta.* See list of included regattas for the current season below. Additional regattas may be added to the program at the coach’s discretion for an additional fee.

If you have further questions about which program is right for you, contact Maida at

*All efforts will be made to seat each rower in one race per regatta per season. Should unforeseen events such as regatta lotteries, regatta cancellations or rowers’ change of plans result in a greater number of rowers than available race seats, the coaches may need to limit the number of rowers at any given regatta.


2018 Masters Competitive Winter Schedule

Program Winter 2019
Ages 21+
Level Competitive
Teams Men's and Women's
Dates January 7th-April 13th
Practice Days Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Monday and Wednesday Practice Time 6:30pm-7:30 PM
Saturday Practice Time 9:30am-10:30 AM
Masters Fee $250
Payment Schedule One time, or payment plan

Regatta Results: Masters Men

Regatta 2016 2015 2014 2013
Indy Sprints MM4X(1st), MM4+(2nd), MML1X(1st), MM8+(1st) - - -
Chicago Sprints MO8+(2nd), MO2x(1st), MML1X(2nd) MO4+(2nd), MO2X(2nd) Masters 8+: 3rd; Open 8+: 3rd
Capital City Sprints - - Open 8+: 1st; Masters 8+: 3rd -
Masters Nationals MClub C4+ (1st); MO AA2X (1st); MO B4+ (2nd); MO A4+ (2nd) -
Milwaukee River Challenge - - - Open 8+: 8th
Head of the Rock MM4+(48+)(2nd) 4+: 1st Open 8+: 1st
ROWtoberfest MO4+(1st), MM8+(1st) - -

Regatta Results: Masters Women

Regatta 2016 2015 2014 2013
State Game of Michigan - - Masters 8 (27+): 1st; Master 4+(27+): 2nd -
Indy Sprints WM4+(2nd), WM8+(1st,2nd) - - -
Chicago Sprints WM8+(2nd), WN1X(1st), WO8+(1st,2nd) WM8+(1st), WO8+(2nd) WM 8+: 1st; WM4+: 2nd; Open 8+: 2nd WM 8+: 1st; WM 4+: 2nd
Capital City Sprints - WO8+: 2nd; WO4+: 2nd; WM8+: 2nd -
Masters Nationals WClub B8+ (3rd); WClub A+8 (2nd); WO A8+ (3rd) Open 8+: 1st; Club A8+: 2nd; Open E4+: 6th Club A8+: 2nd
Head of the Rock WM8+(2nd), WM8+(48+)(1st) - Open 4+: 1st; Masters 8+: 3rd; Open 8+: 1st
ROWtoberfest WM8+(1st,3rd) Masters 8+(<37): 1st; Masters 8+ (>37): 3rd -
Head of the Hooch Event Cancelled Club 8+: 1st

For questions, contact...

Maida Wallin

Executive Director, Team Leadership and Youth Development

Phone: 773-495-4523