College Rowing Opportunities

As a CRF rower, you have an incredible opportunity to row as an athlete in college. For some, rowing may be the extra advantage you need for admittance into the school of your choice. For others, athletic scholarships may be offered due to rowing.

  • 17.88% of male rowers are offered rowing scholarships
  • 55.50% of female rowers are offered rowing scholarships

100% of CRF graduates have gone on to attend a 4-year college, with many on rowing scholarships.

Here are some recommended steps to ensure you are noticed and recruited by college coaches:

  • Register with college recruiting sites. This helps increase your visibility with college coaches.
  • The NCAA Eligibility Center – all potential college athletes must register here. You will receive an NCAA Clearinghouse ID number, which all college coaches ask for during the recruiting process
  • Be Recruited – this is a great site that many college coaches visit. Here you can post academic and athletic stats, and  photos
  • Communicate with college coaches: College coaches can officially begin contacting you at the end of your junior year. Coaches want to see that you are eager to row in college, and serious about meeting your goals. Keep track of all the emails you receive and respond via email in a timely manner. If you do not hear from a particular coach, you can take the first step and contact him or her – introduce yourself, the team, your rowing record, your academic record, and any other extracurricular activities. Many coaches will ask for unofficial high school transcripts and ACT scores at this time, so have those materials ready to fax. Keep a running list of the coaches you are in contact with and make sure to keep the lines of communication open; for example, let coaches know when your erg scores improve, or when the team wins races.
  • Schedule “officials” – Under NCAA guidelines you are allowed five official visits to schools. These visits typically take place during the fall of your Senior year. The college coaches will arrange to fly you to the school, and they will make arrangements for accommodations and in general supervise the visit. Go on all five visits, or as many as possible, as this is an excellent way to get acquainted with different schools and rowing programs.
  • Communicate with CRF Coaches – For each of the online registration sites, you will include your Varsity Coach’s name, email address and phone number. It is important to tell your coach that you are registered online. As college coaches begin to email and call you, keep your CRF coach apprised. CRF coaches can be invaluable assets in the recruiting processes, particularly in letting college coaches know about your abilities and potential.

The CRF coaching staff and Booster committee are here to help CRF rowers with the recruiting process, so please reach out to us with any questions you might have. Also please keep us informed about your college rowing career by sending us updates and photos and joining CRF's alumni page on Facebook. We are all part of the CRF family and your success is important to us.

Check USRowing for information on college recruiting.  This includes a summary of recruiting rules, a guide for parents and a link to NCAA Eligibility site.

Parents have found the following book helpful when managing the college recruitment process:

  • College Rowing Scholarships.  This book was written by parents and rowers who have successfully managed the recruiting process and received rowing scholarships at NCAA Division I schools. Click here for a link to purchase this book.

Scholastic Honor Roll

USRowing sponsors a national honor roll for high school seniors.  Application information can be found on their website.