High School Handbook

Have more questions about CRF's nationally ranked high school team? Click the link below to review our comprehensive team handbook. Learn about our sport, our team and the expectations for our athletes and families. Or contact Maida Wallin at 773.495.4523 or maidawallin@rowchicago.com.

Absences and Vacations

In rowing, attendance is paramount. One rower missing or late to practice can prevent a boat of 8 rowers from practicing on the water. Rowers must inform their coach immediately of any expected absence from practice.

Our athletes attend over 25 high schools (public and private, city and suburban) in the Chicago area. Due to the differences in school schedules, it is difficult to establish vacation schedules for the team:

  • Thanksgiving Break: usually starts Wednesday before Thanksgiving.


  • Winter Break: two weeks around Christmas. Specific weeks correspond to Chicago Public High School calendar, since over 60% of team attends CPS high school.


  • Spring Break: There is no consistent spring break schedule across our rowers’ schools thus we do not schedule a spring break for our team. Spring is our most competitive season and it is essential that all rowers be present to maximize water training time.  March and April are the quietest times on the river and consequently offer the most valuable practice pieces to our rowers.  Varsity rowers are expected to be at practice during their school’s Spring Break and novice rowers are strongly encouraged to be as well.  It should be expected that practice attendance may impact seat assignments at regattas.