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Virtual Rowing Classes with CRF

Registration Link coming soon!

Classes to begin late September! 

contact for more information!

Virtual Rowing Classes!

Biweekly Erg Workouts

  • Open to all 

  • 45 minutes classes

  • Virtual relays 

  • Have goals for each week (leg drive, finish position, catch position, stamina, sprints...etc..) 

  • Offer morning & evening classes

  • Register for each class 

Custom Group Lessons - $10 per person / 30 minutes

  • Get workouts ahead of time 

  • Meet to go over technique  / questions / 

  • Beginner through advanced 

  • Choose who is in your group

  • 2x weekly for 6 weeks

Private Lessons - register for $15 per lesson virtual coaching / workout plan / 30 mins 

  • Get workouts ahead of time 

  • Work on technique / increasing fitness level / general rowing knowledge 

  • Personalized plan

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