Su Bermingham

President, CRF Board of Directors

Su Bermingham has been a devoted part of CRF for 13 years. She spearheaded the effort to expand CRF's middle school program, oversaw the construction of the critically acclaimed Clark Park Boathouse from concept to completion and serves as in-house college recruitment adviser, guiding more than 100 athletes to row in college. Su currently serves as President of the CRF Board of Directors.

“The Chicago Rowing Foundation has been instrumental in my development into the person I am today. As an introductory rowing program and an elite level high school team, I could not have asked for a better program to be situated in. I will always remember the rain, snow and blisters that we came across out on the waters of the Chicago river, which sharpened our stroke and camaraderie. Ms. Bermingham is one of the many reasons this environment has been so prestigious and welcoming. I hope that rowers of the Chicago Rowing Foundation will appreciate the work that she's done.”

-Liam W

“When it comes to big decisions, everyone wants to consult an expert and that is exactly what Su is. She was able to take the recruiting process from terrifying to manageable. Su helped me understand where start and the steps needed to navigate it successfully. I could not be more grateful.”

-Declan F

“Su helped me establish a strong start to my recruiting process and helped me navigate the world of recruiting. I felt much more prepared talking to coaches and finding the right school for me with Su’s help.”

-Maeve H

"Affectionately named Suko, my go-to second mom gave me immeasurable guidance and encouragement throughout the college process. She invested so much of her own time and energy into helping me, even accompanying me on a college visit. She instilled confidence and provided the emotional support I needed in one of my first big decisions as a young adult. She has always treated me like family as she does with so many others, and I will forever be grateful to have her in my life!"

-Ema K